From one source.

The HUBER Packaging Group has already made an international name for itself as a manufacturer of 5-litre party kegs. On the basis of this, the range of services has been developed within the business unit BEVERAGE which goes above and beyond the production of party kegs. We see ourselves as an expert provider of all aspects concerning the enjoyment of fresh keg beer at home. We support this trend with a wide range of proposals. We offer numerous services and accessories for breweries and trade. This consists of products which improve convenience, such as our easyCOOL party cooler or the KEG’N’CARRY carrying handle, but we also offer expert advice on filling techniques, logistics and marketing. Services and business models which we develop in cooperation with our customers round off the range of services offered by business unit BEVERAGE.

Emotion and Brands.


Do all good parties end up in the kitchen? They will certainly all start around the party keg. The keg becomes an immediate topic of conversation. Every time a beer is tapped, the party keg is the centre of attention and the  consumers focus on your brand.

Keg fresh.

The refreshing enjoyment of beer straight from the keg is the ultimate treat for all beer fans and is now available anywhere thanks to the 5-litre party keg. Whether at home or outdoors; perfect beer pleasure for any occasion.

A whole lot of fun.

Party keg and party fun go together hand in hand. Thanks to the integrated
tap, everyone can tap their own favourite beer, be involved and enjoy the fun.

Technology and Innovation.

The story of success starts in 1972 and continues because more than 400 brands throughout the world are successfully marketed in party kegs from
HUBER Packaging; the technological and innovative leader – is your brand one of the 400?

Passionate innovation.

The HUBER Packaging Group is a leading European manufacturer of tinplate packaging. You can profit from the experience of the party keg market leader too. Our research & development department is now working on the solutions for the future – product engineers and food & beverage technologists are constantly developing new products and technologies with the aim of perfecting the enjoyment of fresh beer straight from the keg even further.

Quality and Production.



Your continuous brand presence on the shelves is supported with photo-quality designs and our unique protective coating. You will profit from our extensive options for metal printing. At the HUBER Packaging Group, we print using our own state-of-the-art 4 and 6 colour offset printing machines. 




All components in the 5-litre party keg are fully automatically produced and assembled using our modern production machines. State-of-the-art paint systems and precise coating techniques offer a homogenous inner-lining to protect the quality of your beer. Continual quality controls at all process stages guarantee the perfect production of your easyKEG®.



Zertifizierte Partyfass-Produktion

The whole HUBER Packaging Group is audited at regular intervals in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 to keep the quality standards at the same high level. This includes the organisation of production according to the HACCP Standard.

ISO Certificate (pdf, 1,8 MB)


Facilities and Service.

Global markets.

The world is turning faster and faster and local businesses can become global markets. This development is supported by the HUBER Packaging Group. We can offer you comprehensive advice on printing, logistics, storage and packaging. Not only do we manufacture your individually designed easyKEG® with “Made in Germany” quality; we also organise safe transport throughout the world. A specialist contact person is at your disposal to answer any questions. Global technical assistance and services are also part of the range of services we offer – also on your own premises.

Filling options.

We are pleased to support you with all questions regarding the party keg. With our extensive inter national network, we can advise you on the planning and
installation of filling systems and can offer you various business plans. We are also pleased to help with the organisation of contract brewing and filling.


With millions of kegs sold in more than 60 countries, the team in the business unit BEVERAGE at HUBER Packaging Group has already achieved the impossible
with our logistics solutions. Please provide us with a challenge.

The perfect promotion item.beverage partykeg huber

Our 5-litre partykeg makes an excellent promotion item and free gift. Giant 1480 cm2 advertising surfaces provide efficient advertising space for your brand.

For your brand.

  • Your brand message in brilliant photo quality
  • Protected by unique special lacquer
  • Impressive at POS – a focal point at home
  • Promotion- and event-related decoration
  • Differentiated target group address