PartyKEG classic - the successful product.

Since 1998 the HUBER PartyKEG classic is the original 5 litre party keg and has shown its qualities at breweries and consumers all over the world. More than 1000 different brands and beer types that are being filled into the 5 litre party keg and the user friendly tapping system are the key to the heart of every single beer lover. So everybody can enjoy his favourite beer at his favourite place - directly out of the keg, to be shared with a group of good friends. Million times the PartyKEG classic has proven its convenience for the perfect draft beer at home.

PartyKEG classic FLYER (PDF 1,5 MB)

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beer brand stars

  • Perfect draught beer
         > The refreshing taste of draught beer
         > Lends your beer an emotional appeal
  • 1,500 cm² of advertising space
         > Strong presence at the POS
         > Tailored to your brand

Tap technology

draught beer in no time

  • Completely integrated tap
         > Drip-free, hygienic tap
         > Easy to use with no accessories
         > No rinsing or cleaning necessary
  • In-built safety
         > Safe to use
         > Tamper-evident tap

Material & waste disposal

tinplate eco-friendly

  • Packaging made of tinplate
         > Strong and unbreakable
         > Impermeable to light and gases
  • 100 % recyclable
         > Non-returnable

Storage & transport

comfort for connoisseurs

  • Resealable tap and ventilation seal
         > Transportable, even if the keg
             has been opened
  • Compact size
         > Can lie flat in the fridge
         > Requires little space

From A to Z

filling simple and safe

  • Suitable for all types of beer
         > Can be filled with any beer and brand
  • Kegs supplied ready for filling
         > Easy to fill and seal
  • Small and large quantities
         > From basic to fully-automatic filling equipment