Lever lid pails

Lever lid pailsLever lid pails are primarily used for paints, varnishes and wood preservatives. The pail is finished to meet your specific requirements, e.g. inside lacquer coating for water baesd products and high quality printing.

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OPTICAN pailOPTICAN is a special lever lid pail where the handle is integrated into the ring.
This 2 or 2.5 litre pail eliminates the ball ears on the sides, leaving much more space on the shelf.

Full-cover allows easier labelling and offset-printed all over.

Ball ears and handles do not cause damage during transport.



RaiRi pail

RaRi lever lid pails are equipped with a very slim, virtually rimless ring (the "RaRi"). The special 5 litre RaRi pails are conically shaped and are supplied stacked inside one another to save space.

They are used for would protection, paints and more.

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