We design, supply and service proven, fully automatic filling and closing systems. All versions are approved for the transportation of hazardous goods by road, rail and sea. At your request experienced customer service engineers will assume the maintenance and care of your closing machines. At the moment we offer three different closing systems: TopExpand, FlexoClose and SPM.

Buy and lease

We offer closing machines both for sale and to lease. We will gladly visit you at your premises to give a presentation about the system. Contracts are arranged on an individual basis. Our sales managers in this field will be happy to give you comprehensive advice. 

The automatic closing system for clamping rings that is tried-and-true like no other

This reliable HUBER closing system is in greater demand than ever before, and is designed to let you significantly streamline your operations and maximize your productivity by automating your filling and closing processes. The advantages behind TOP EXPAND are not just limited to reducing your total operating costs, but also include maximizing the output and flexibility of your production operations. TOP EXPAND makes it possible to close HUBER tinplate packaging – especially pails and hobbocks used for hazardous materials – with a lever lock ring in an automated and ergonomic manner. This eliminates the need to manually close lock rings, which not only renders work for your staff more ergonomic and much less exhausting, but also maximizes productivity.

You can download the current TOP EXPAND brochure here:





Range of containers

With our TOP EXPAND closing system, we cover a range of pails and hobbocks with capacities that go from 2.5 to 30 liters. More specifically, we make dependable packaging with lids and lever lock rings that is available in three container sizes in Germany and four additional ones at our plant in Aesch, all with UN approval for the worldwide shipping of dangerous goods.


System planning support 

We will be more than happy to recommend experienced companies or engineering consulting firms that can flesh out an overall engineering solution and a layout that will ensure that your HUBER TOP EXPAND equipment is optimally integrated. By relying on our experience and our network to optimize your filling and closing processes, you can focus on your core operations instead.


Prepare your company for the future, use FlexoClose to optimize the rationalization potential of a new locking system by automating your filling and sealing process. FlexoClose reduces your total cost of ownership and increases performance and flexibility in production. FlexoClose is the new generation of sealing machines for medium and large industrial packaging made of tinplate (5.0 - 33.0 liters) with clamping ring closure. With only one system, you can seal up to four container diameters, which is made possible by a modular, variable system.




SPM - Safe closure with strip sealing system

The HUBER Packaging Group manufactures high-quality tinplate packaging.Our INDUSTRIAL division offers a variety of closing systems. Over the course of 25 years, the SPM strip sealing system has proved itself time and again. Constant further development and modern machine technology make SPM a safe and rational closing option to this very day.

You can download the current SPM brochure here:

Purchase and rent

Closing systems can be bought or rented from us. For system presentations, we will gladly come to you on site. Contractual agreements are made with you individually. Our local sales managers will advise you in detail.

Local service

With our local customer service, we ensure that you always receive the best possible technical support. Both the new installation of sealing systems and the regular maintenance within the scope of service agreements, as well as the fast assistance in case of faults, are the competences of our service staff.

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