Environmental Protection & Recycling.

Record recycling means steel packaging hits its own industry target in Europe three years early

Recycling of steel packaging in Europe has hit an all-time high of 80.5%.


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The Circular Economy Package is crucial starting point for a successful transition to a circular economy, in which the value of products, materials, and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible.


The new legislation represents a fundamental paradigm shift in packaging policy. The focus is no longer on renewables or resource efficiency, but on achieving a circular economy. Just reducing the weight of packaging is no longer considered packaging waste prevention.


Instead, there is a push for packaging materials that are effectively recycled. Mono-material packaging, like metal, is perfectly placed to meet the new requirements.


Here you will find a summary of the most important information on the EU Circular Economy Package:


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"Environmental protection is the future."


Protection of the environment is, to use resources and energy more efficiently, reduce waste and improve the recovery of the materials used more and more - in short, to use all resources responsibly.

We face this challenge as an industry and as a responsible company.


Environmentally friendly metal packaging  

New recycling record in Europe with 77.5%


With a recycling rate of 77.5%, metal packaging in Europe again achieved a much higher recycling rate in 2015 than any other packaging. (Source: APEAL) The quota of 77.5% corresponds to more than 2.5 million tonnes of recycled material, resulting in a 49% reduction in CO2 emissions! The more metal packaging recycled, the more CO2 emissions are saved.


In Germany, the recycling rate for tinplate packaging for 2017 even stands at 91% 

(Source: GVM, Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung)


The properties of steel (tinplate) make this material the recycling champion. Tinplate packaging is magnetic and can be easily and inexpensively separated from the waste. Steel and tinplate can be recycled any number of times without loss of quality. Once produced steel (tinplate) is permanently preserved / available, no matter what is produced from it.

Further information on metal packaging and its permanent recyclability can be found on the website of our European association metalpackagingeurope.org

The fallow initiative "Metal recycles forever" or "Metall - Recycling ohne Ende"


A Europe-wide initiative to help consumers understand the recycling potential of metal packaging.

Since the beginning of this year, product manufacturers have been able to apply the new "METAL recycles forever" or "METAL - Recycling ohne Ende" recycling labels to their metal product packaging, demonstrating their commitment to a resource-efficient circular economy, relying on packaging that includes them. At the same time, the logo appeals to consumers to take action themselves and to close the cycle.


The logo data "METAL recycles forever" or "METALL - Recycling without end" and corresponding information material about the use can be found on the website of the Verband Metallverpackungen e.V., Düsseldorf